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YouTube Advertising for eCommerce

                 YouTube advertising for eCommerce can be a lucrative idea, especially with cost per click being so low. You just need to have the right video, the right messaging and show it to the right audience. The platform allows you to showcase your products via  demonstration videos, how-to videos, testimonial videos and more.

Creating videos that answer questions, address pain points, that are share worthy and inspirational, are all great ways to gain brand awareness and increase sales. With more than 1.9 billion monthly logged in users, and owned by Google, YouTube is here to stay. YouTube can be a profitable advertising tool if you are willing to take the plunge and use video.


Increase Your Sales right now with YouTube Advertising

Zagg, a company that makes screen protectors for iPhones, ran a campaign where they started their video ad by showing an iPhone screen being scratched by a key.

Using YouTube ads, the company managed to achieve a 75% increase in conversions.

Imagine what YouTube ads could do for you.

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The right YouTube Marketing Strategy for eCommerce

When deciding to run YouTube Ads, we need to pick the right strategy. There are several types of YouTube Ads that we can choose from, and we will continuously test and optimize in order to get the best ROI. With YouTube ads, you primarily have two kinds of formats that you can take advantage of

  • YouTube Search Ads
  • YouTube Instream Ads

You can choose ads that display to users before a video starts, during a video, or at the top of the search results for whatever keywords that a user is searching for.


Increase Your Brands Discoverability

If you start running YouTube search ads you’ll end up being discovered in the YouTube search engines as well as get an extra added advantage as opposed to the other ad types on YouTube.

YouTube search ads allow you to customize your videos Ad copy and choose a thumbnail that entices a user to take action and click play on your video.

As opposed to in-stream videos where the videos just pop up midway through a video that a user is already watching.

When running In-stream Ads, you’re going to be under pressure to get people interested right away, that’s where creativity proper targeting and messaging really comes into place.


YouTube Influencer Marketing Opportunities

Can you think of certain channels and certain influencers on YouTube who would absolutely have your ideal target audience as followers?

You could have the influencer create a video showcasing your products, and we could run ads not only to their followers on YouTube, but also on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

As well as run these campaigns to broad audiences who have the psychographics and demographics that you are after in an ideal client.

The world is your oyster when it comes to the opportunities available with social media marketing for eCommerce.

Ready to discuss YouTube Advertising for your eCommerce Brand?

Let’s hop on a call and take a look at your eCommerce brand as well as your current  eCommerce marketing strategy.

We can discuss your goals and take a look at your products, from there we can decide what the best strategy for your eCommerce brand is.

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