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Get Your Info Product Business Set Up & Ready
For Sales In Under 8 -10 Weeks

We Set up Your Site, Email Marketing Sequences, Automations, Sales Pages,
Payment Gateways, Integrations & Social Media Branding… Within 8-10 Weeks.

Take your info product brand to the next level

The A-Z Info Product Done For You Package

Do you already have an info-product business that needs an absolute online revamping?

Perhaps you’re not tech-savvy but you want to take your current business online in a polished, professional and next level way?

Maybe you have a business concept have the skills and content and want to launch a new info product business from the ground up?

It can be extremely overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive when you don’t completely know what you are doing online.

Plus it’s very easy to get caught up procrastinating when trying to put multiple pieces and softwares together.

What should take 5-10 weeks ends up taking years.

Been there, done that.

Setting up the business, setting up the landing pages, email sequences, knowing which softwares to integrate with, and having the branding on point and consistent can take years to master, and to do properly.

At Black Sheep Cyber, we take care of all of that. We work with you, guide you, and simply take the content from you, and tie all the pieces together.

The result?  A fully done for you system that’s ready for brand awareness and sales.

A Complete System that Makes Managing YOur Online Business Simple

Be up and running within 8 weeks

Selling digital products like online courses, membership sites, one on one consults, downloadble digital goods

and how-to-guides can be a lucrative business model.

Create the content once, then simply focus on brand awareness and driving continuous traffic to your site in order to sell.

But, you need to set up the correct systems, sequences and funnels in place, if you really want to make revenue on auto.

Learning which systems to work, how to create pay pages that convert, and how to piece everything together is what holds many talented business owners back.

We identified this need in the market, and decided to create a solution that addresses this need.

We help ambitious people like you achieve brand worthy systems that deliver the products, services and digital goods that your ideal customers want.

We help you free up your time and focus on creating the content and resources that your customers need, and we take care of all the tech for you.

Be up and running and ready for sales within 8-10 weeks flat

We save You Time, Stress & Headaches.. A Completely Done for You Solution

  • Pre-Built Pipelines for every purpose. There is no need to be a funnel expert when you have Blueprints. Kajabi’s ready to use playbooks allow you to customise and launch ready made pipelines for lead generation, product launches and webinar funnels. We set it all up for you, customise for you, and show you how to use future funnels and blue prints for all your future business needs,
  • Integration with webinar software. We help you integrate with webinar software, and get you up to scratch on how integration with webinar software and Kajabi works.
  • Landing page creation. This includes sales pages that have a call to action or direct people to take one primary action
  • Email marketing set up: Create marketing emails worth opening. All of the functionality, none of the guesswork.We set it all up for you, then train you on how to use it.
  • Email sequences. We work with you and educate you on how email sequences need to flow, and we get the content for your email sequences from you, and implement them properly. This allows people who are opting into certain landing pages to be taken on a journey and led down a path that ultimately takes them to what it is that you want to achieve or sell. If you have no copy, we have direct responses copy writers who are sensational at what they do, who can create sales copy email sequences for you
  • Payment gateway integration. We take care of payment gateway integrations for you. Paypal or Stripe is the most common gateways that we integrate with seamlessly.
  • Up-sells, Cross-sells and Down-sells. All smart marketers know that there is a lot of money to be made in a sales ascension strategy. We guide you in creating a sales ascension strategy. This means if a customer comes to buy product A, we offer product B upon check-out in an enticing way that encourages them to purchase product B too.

Are you ready for brand awareness $ sales

The A-z Info Product Done for You Package Involves

Build, market, and sell your online course, membership site, or coaching program without complicated integrations. Just a beautiful, professional online business built and delivered to you in under 8-10 weeks.

A platform that’s extremely easy to use and manage, and we train you on how to manage it once we deliver you the end result.


  • Creation of a brand worthy, well designed site that has conversions in mind. We guide you on best practices, the importance of strategic call to actions, and help you with branding and logos if need be as well. The website design  includes pages like your homepage, about page, contact page and so on.
  • Integration with social media. We make sure your social media channels are integrated with your site, so users can easily find your social media icons and follow you on relevant platforms.
  • Don’t let complex funnels take the fun out of your business. Kajabi’s ready-made customisable Pipelines make scaling easy. Automate your leads, sales, and more. We set up your funnels for you, and show you how you can create further funnels. We help you kick procrastination and overwhelm to the curve, and have your products and offerings ready for purchase ASAP

Save Time, Money and Become Invest in a System Thats Efficient

The System that replaces 14 different softwares and tools
“When you add up all the other software programs combined, you’re looking at over $500 a month… and that’s not the case with Kajabi.”


Why Pay More for 10 Separate Tools When You Can Do the Job Better with One?

  • Bring Your Expertise to Life as a Digital Product
  • Create polished, user-friendly courses
  • Sell subscriptions, communities, and more
  • Faster creation with Kajabi Product Generator 
  • Streamline and save money
  • Unparalleled 24/7 support available with Kajabi
The A-Z info product done for you package
The A-Z info product done for you package


Are You Ready to Have Your Business Online Within 8-10 Weeks?

Take the procrastination, delays, overwhelm and stress out of it.

Have our team set up your complete site and digital marketing system in a branded and professional way in under 8-10 weeks.

We will build out the system in a way that puts you ahead of the crowd.

As a digital marketing agency we understand what’s needed to create a site with good user experience and smart ,marketing strategies in mind.

We work with you to create, optimise and deliver a final product thats ready for market.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Ready to have a fully done for you system thats ready to go?

Online courses, subscriptions, gated-content, membership sites — if you can dream it, you can monetize it.

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