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Google display network

Google Display Network for e-Commerce

If you’re an eCommerce business and you’re not spending money on Google, you’re doing something wrong. Think about the last time you did a little online window shopping. You went to a website, checked out a few products then left. All of a sudden you started seeing the brand or products you were looking at, all over the web.

That’s the Google Display Network showing you Remarketing Ads on partner networks enticing you to come back and make a purchase. Extremely useful, especially for shoppers who have been shopping around, and may have forgotten about your site and products.

With Google Display Ads you can retarget bounced website visitors as well as expose your brand and increase brand awareness to new users all around the web.

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Google appearing

Google Display ads vs. Google Search Ads

Google search ads are ads that appear in search results, whereas Google display ads are ads that are shown on partner websites and applications through the Google Display Network.

The GDN is a complex network of “websites, videos, and applications” with more than 2 million partners that allow you to reach more than 90% of internet users every single day.

You can reach buyers when they’re viewing a YouTube video, playing a game or checking their emails, as well as show your ads to people who’ve visited your site or to those who have shown signals to Google that they may be interested.

The set up

How does the Google Display Network work

Google has agreements with millions of websites and applications around the web, this allows sites to receive revenue for allowing Google to advertise your products on their websites and apps.

You can retarget website visitors on various sites, as well as show your brand off to users who are in-market as well as those who may have shown interest signals to Google.

You know that your customers use Google and browse all over the net, it’s only logical that you need to be where your customers are if you want to boost sales and brand awareness.

Implementing Google Display Network into your eCommerce marketing strategy is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and sales.

Brand Control

Increase Brand Control with Google Display Ads

With Google display ads you have more control in regards to your eCommerce branding, as opposed to Google search Ads that only allow you to customize your headlines and descriptions in the search results.

With Google Display Network you can show off customized and branded banners, that allow you to  be creative, use colors and animations and showcase products, and really stand out from the crowd.


Custom intent audience

With Google Display Ads you can tap into custom Intent Audiences.

This involves telling Google exactly who you want to display ads to, based on their behavior.

With affinity and in-market audiences, Google builds audiences based on its machine learning,it shows your Ads to people who have shown interest in sites and products similar to yours.

With custom intent, you tell Google which keywords or landing pages you want to target, this means you can target competitor sites as well as people searching for certain keywords and phrases.

Keep in mind Google Display Network needs to be approached in a strategic way, you need to treat it as more of a lead magnet and a way to funnel in users.


Responsive Google Display Ads

Another awesome feature Google now provides is “Responsive Google Display Ads”.

With responsive ads, you basically upload a bunch of creative into your Google display ads portal, choose some headlines and CTAs, and Google will build the ads for us.

This way there is a multitude of Ad variety and the Ads will look great on desktop and mobile, this eliminates wasting time on trying to abide by very strict size and dimension guidelines.

Google Display Ads a Powerful tool for eCommerce businesses

Google display ads can be extremely powerful for eCommerce brands, but you need to have the right strategy in place in order to see results.

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