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Facebook Advertising Strategies strictly for eCommerce

            As an eCommerce business owner your number one priority is to increase traffic to your store and convert that traffic into sales, as a Facebook Advertising Agency specifically for  eCommerce, we help you achieve this.

With 2 billion daily active Facebook users, we can pretty much guarantee that your ideal target market is on Facebook.

There are a crazy amount of things that we can do with Facebook Marketing, and as eCommerce marketing specialists we spend all our time researching, implementing and testing the latest strategies.

We help eCommerce brands like yours expand their reach, expose your products to more customers, increase your traffic and absolutely increase your sales.

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce

At Black Sheep Cyber we do nothing else but eCommerce Marketing, and Facebook Advertising is one of our main specialisations.

We set up campaigns designed to increase your eCommerce sales, getting a return on investment is guaranteed.

We take on e-Commerce clients who we know have potential, and we set up campaigns that are designed to stand out from the crowd & and convert users into sales.

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Retarget your bounced Website visitors

With Facebook Marketing for eCommerce, we can retarget all those people who visited your store but who for whatever random reason bounced off your site never to return.

We set up creative and strategic ads that display to users on the Facebook Network the moment they leave your store.

We set up a sequence of ads in a variety of forms designed to tempt and seduce a user to come back and pick up where they left off.

We didn’t waste all this time and energy setting up an eCommerce store to let them get away that easy did we? No.

A lot of money can be made when Facebook Retargeting campaigns are set up correctly, and we’re here to show you how.

Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce


Convert those Abandoned Shopping Cart Users into Sales

Most eCommerce brands have up to 80% of users abandon their shopping carts, how frustrating is that.

We set up strategic Facebook Retargeting Campaigns that find users on the Facebook platform and then we display a sequence of abandoned shopping cart ads to drive users back to your store to complete their purchase.

Abandoned shopping cart campaigns for eCommerce are absolutely necessary and setting them up properly is key, we show you how.


Explode eCommerce Sales with Facebook Ads

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce is absolutely crucial, for most types of eCommerce brands.

We can find any type of target market using Facebook ads, as well as replicate your best buyers lists and find you more “buy ready” customers that are ready to convert into sales. Not only can we find you new customers, but we can also re-engage old customers and drive them back to make repeat purchases.

The copy, the targeting, the strategy is all key to eCommerce marketing success. If you’ve been running your ads yourself, you know how tiring it can get, let someone else handle that for you.

We focus on increasing your sales while you focus on running your business. Let us take care of the technical aspects of marketing, since that’s what we do best.

Ready to see how Facebook Marketing for eCommerce can take your sales to the next level?

Whether you’re running Facebook ads already or simply want to discuss launching Facebook ads for the first time, we’ve seriously got you covered.

We’ve spent millions in ad-spend and worked with brands big and small.

Schedule in for a discovery call and we’ll show you strategies, opportunities and tactics that you should apply, if you want to scale your eCommerce sales in 2020

We Take Pride in Delivering Results,
Ecommerce Is All We Do. Schedule in and We'll Show You a Strategy That Will Increase Your Sales in 2020

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