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Social media marketing

eCommerce Social Media
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                 At Black Sheep Cyber we are a specialist eCommerce Social Media Marketing Agency. We understand that specialization over generalization is key, and we prefer to master one particular industry and area of Digital Marketing Service, than be a jack of all trades.

That means we can get you better results, since eCommerce is all that we do. If you own an eCommerce business there are a couple of things that we can both agree on, “Attracting more traffic, and converting users into sales, is key”. That’s what we focus on, and all our efforts are to launch creative eCommerce ads that capture attention, engage and convert.

As an Agency chosen 3 social media platforms that we run social media marketing ads on, these 3 platforms are the ones that we believe generate the best results. Click on each service to find out how social media marketing can help your eCommerce brand increase sales.

We’ve created a unique visual system and brand strategy.

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Facebook & Instagram Marketing

The most popular social networks.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to data and the targeting options that it provides us in order to create E-Com Campaigns that create engagement, provoke curiosity and increase your sales. We run various types of Facebook Ads for e-Commerce clients, and we never stop testing and optimizing.


Our job is to find out what works, scrap what doesn’t and scale what does. Have you been running Facebook ads for your e-Com business?


Facebook marketing when done right, can scale sales and brand awareness tremendously. Find out what types if campaigns you need to be running on Facebook now.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing for e-Commerce brands can really do well. Especially in certain niches like beauty, fashion & fitness. We launch killer Instagram campaigns and constantly test various interest groups, demographics, copy, media and campaign styles, to see which ones work the best.


We send targeted traffic to your website and set up the right pixels and funnels in order to track, analyze, convince and convert them into buyers.  Find out more.


Youtube & TikTok Marketing

The most branding video platforms.

Youtube Advertising

Video is King, and YouTube Advertising can be highly lucrative for brands who want more brand awareness at a cheaper price than Facebook & Instagram. YouTube gets 1.6 billion logged in viewers monthly & we now have the ability to reach your ideal target market using YouTube Ads for eCommerce.

You can either pay per view or pay per click with YouTube ads. If you’re willing to create video content and be creative, YouTube can scale your eCommerce sales.


Be where your customers are, Find out more now.

TikTok Marketing

TikTok Advertising for e-Commerce brands is relatively new. With 800 Million active users a month and growing, TikTok is the new place to be especially for certain e-com brands. Find out more now.

Social Media Marketing For eCommerce, That’s Done Right.

If you’re an eCommerce business owner that wants to increase brand awareness, traffic and sales and your looking for some trust worthy and experienced marketing professionals that you can speak

too, then you’re in the right place.

We pride ourselves on being transparent, down to earth, friendly and straight to the point.

We’ll show you what you should do, how we could it, as well as expose you to some opportunities that you may not be aware of.

Together, we’ll take a peek into your current marketing strategy, find any existing leaks as well as opportunites that your business and brand should take advantage of.

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