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Your eCommerce Brand Awareness Strategy Could Be Much Better



Let’s not sugar coat this, it won’t get most of you any closer to your business goals.

Most of you could have a MUCHHH better eCommerce brand awareness strategy in place.

We are all guilty of lacking in some areas, unless your neil patel, he has the team, resources and funds to have his strategy covered all round.

For the rest of, we need to try a little harder to have content as well as our products, in the places where users are.

It doesn’t mean you need to be on every platform, but being on the most relevant platforms in the most consistent and engaging of ways, would be key.

Paid Traffic for Extra Brand Awareness Really Helps

We don’t want to just rely on organic traffic, not unless we are Ferrari or some lucky brand that gets a heap of brand awareness just from

influencers, referals and word of mouth alone.

As eCommerce online brand owners our goal is to reach as many relevant audiences as possible and maximise our sales opportunities.

With paid marketing campaigns, we can do this.

If we simply sit back and wait to be found, we would be doing ourselves and our finances a major disjustice.

Today we are going to quick go through a eCommerce marketing checklist to make sure you brand awareness strategy is on point

Ready? Let’s Go


ECommerce Brand Awareness Check List


  • Are you attracting a new flow of customers from implementing engaging Paid Ad campaigns on social media
  • Are you running Google Ads? Have you thought about it or implemented it properly?
  • Have you tried Pinterest for your eCommerce store?
  • Do you have a great blog, with Pinterest Integrated, as well as the blog posts running as ads on facebook to capture attract more traffic back to your site
  • What’s your retargeting strategy like? Is it engaging, is there variety, and you actually standing out from the crowd and trying to do things differently?
  • Are you running video ads?
  • What about re-engagement campaigns; what campaigns do you have currently have and across what channels in order to bring back old customers and lead them into a sales ascension strategy
  • Are you using Facebook Messenger Marketing to attract audience then convert them into customers?
  • Is your marketing mix diversified and have you tried advertising on other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Bing?

These are just a few ways to increase brand awareness, and probably some of the nost importat ways to get your eCommerce brand out there.

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You wont complain when you have a healthy paid ad’s ROI

You won’t be complaining about putting money into ads, when you see a healthy return on investment coming back.

The goal of any campaign is to test and test until you find winning ad copies, creatives and offers that actually resonate with your target audience.

You don’t need to start big, but by speaking to a paid ads specialist, you can find out what type of budget you need in order to start.

Google Ads for eCommerce * Online Marketing*

“The active number of global mobile social media users is 3.3 billion global equaling 42% penetration, eCommerce brands need to take advantage.”

We havent even mentioned Google yet.

Staying top of mind and re-engaging with previous customers via organic and paid ways is key, but having brand awareness on a variety of platforms and in a variety of ways is ESSENTIAL.

Sometimes you need to spend some money in the initial testing phases to see what works, and to not be scared of stepping into the unfamilier and taking a few risks.

It’s the unfamilier that can achieve some big WINS.

Making sure you diversify your ecommerce marketing mix is essential and being in a variety of places where users are searching for products just like yours is what’s going to increase your sales.

Test, Test, Scale & Kill

Obviously we need to advertise and run campaings in a way that actually achieve results, we dont suggest you run campaigns all over the place without healthy ROA’s.

We always suggest you run a variety of ad creatives and copies, and simply test which ones work, and kill the ones that dont achieve the best results, then scale the ones that do.

Previous Bad Experiences Preventing Business Owners from Advertising Again

Many eCommerce business owners have trust issues when it comes to hiring someone to run ads for them, due to a previous bad experience they may have had.

The trick is to simply do thorough research on an agency or contractor, check out the recent results that theyve generated for a few other brands, then simply take the plunge and start running some ads.


Organic Is Not Always Enough, You Need Paid Ads to Excelerate the Process.

Unless you have 6 hours a day to sit there and text influencers and constantly engage, you’ll need paid ads.

Running paid campaigns across multiple channels and platforms is key to success.

The point of marketing is to experiment and find what works, then scale the ads that are delivering a healthy return on investment and turn of the ones that aren’t.

Your brand needs to stay relevant, and your ads need to be able to engage users and actually help you stand out from the crowd.

Being generic can work, but imagine investing in some creativity and actually doing something that really stands out from the crowd.

There is no such thing as expensive when it comes to Ads that work

There is no such thing as expensive when you are getting a positive return on ad-spend.

When paid ad campaigns are set up right and you’re seeing a healthy return on ad-spend, the thought of someone charging you a few thousand to run campains shouldnt even be an issue.

Start small and scale your way up.

Don’t have the experience on ceryain platforms, or don’t have the time?

We can help you out when it comes to eCommerce marketing, that’s all we do,


Your Ecommerce Business Needs to Be Running Brand Awareness, Retargeting & Re-engagement Campaigns Right Now

Businesses that adopt omni-channel strategies achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to business that don’t More than half of companies admit to not having a formal customer engagement program in place, and 60% didn’t know how many customers they’d lost over the past year.

This can be prevented by having strategic brand awareness, retargeting and re-engagement campaigns in place.

You want to be using the most relevant platforms and channels and not ignoring platforms just because you are not familiar with them.

Chatbots on the messenger platforms are the next big thing, and setting up a Facebook Messenger chatbots is a great idea for your e-Commerce brand or business.

“In one day, a eCommerce brand that we know of generated 254 orders and $23,987.64 in revenue with Facebook Messenger.”


Authors Final thoughts

It’s currently 1am in the morning and Ive been busy editing content on our site. I suggest that you schedule in for a discovery call and we sit down and take a loo at your current marketing mix.

We have some of the most experienced eCommerce marketers in our team, and we’ve handled dozens of other eCommerce brands across many niches.

Don’t be shy, simply schedule in for an eCommerce chat.

Click Here to Schedule in for a Discovery Call


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