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How to Use Facebook Chatbot Marketing to Increase eCommerce Sales


Letisha Malakooti ecommerce marketer

Today we are going to discuss Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Marketing for business, and in particular for eCommerce,  and  how it can help you  increase sales, encourage repeat sales, as well as

up-sell, cross-sell and stay in-touch with consumers.

There are a variety of chatbots in the marketing, but lets focus on Facebook since thats where a large percentage of the population hang out, and we business owners we want to make the communication seamless and easy with our consumers.


Why Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Facebook owns messenger, and most people are signed into Facebook and messenger 24/7.

They get allerted by new messages, and most people are more alert to messenger notifications than email notifications.

Plus messenger platforms signify being ” social” as opposed to ” work”, the open rates are higher and it’s just a more fun way to communicate with consumers.


Messenger platforms more popular than social media apps

Messenger platforms are just as popular, if not more popular than social media apps. They allow for instant communication between people, and the truth is that chatbot marketing has been, and is the next big thing Chatbots get an open rate of around 80% if not higher,  whereas emails get an open rate of around 30% on average if you’re lucky.

People are increasingly using messenger apps and according to a Business Insider report, consumers have been using the main four messaging apps — Facebook Messenger, Whats App, We Chat, Viber — more frequently than the main four social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn — since 2015.


Why Use Facebook Chat-Bot Marketing For Ecommerce


Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce


Do you know what the most downloaded app of all time is?

Facebook is number one, followed by Facebook Messenger being the runner up.

Facebook owns four of the five most-downloaded apps in the history of the world, and as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger are owned by Facebook, Facebook will continue to consolidate the market share even further.Facebook Messenger currently has more than 1.3 billion monthly active users.

More than 2 billion messages are sent back and forth between end users and businesses every month on the Facebook Messenger platform.

Facebook ain’t going nowhere, unless there is some sort of revolution and people somehow shut Facebook down.

You might as well invest your time and efforts on platforms your audience use, right?

Why miss out on opportunities where you can provide fun interactive experiences, customer service as well as increase sales, right?

That’s a good enough reason to invest some time in the Facebook messenger platform right?

Put aside the politics and debates about social media, we know that consumers are on the platform, and it’s in our best interest to be where comsumers are.


Email marketing is not DEAD, but it is boring.


Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce tips


You have to grow your subscriber list, it’s key


Okay, you can make email marketing engaging, but you can make Facebook Messenger Marketing Campaigns fun, playful, as well as provide instant gratification and get up to a 90% open rate.

You cant do that with email, you can debate it, but Messenger will always win.

You can implement sound effects, GIFs, easily insert instant videos, interactive questions and answers, quizzes and more.

There’s no doubt chat-bot marketing is more fun for most users and it provides a more entertaining user experience.

Your number one goal as a business owner or Commerce brand is to gain traffic to your eCommerce site and store, then your second goal is to get as many interested subscribers as possible,

so you can sell in the back-end and not just rely on paid traffic and a constant new flow of people fiding you.

The second goal is completely subjective by the way.

What im trying to say is that ” we don’t want to make the rookie mistake of always running around like it’s ground hog day implementing new customer acquisition campaigns, trying to constantly get

that first sale again and again.

We want to maximise profits from the customers and subscriber lists that we already have, and platforms like Messenger allow us to also do this, in a free and playful way.

Its allegedly 7 times easier to sell to people who have purchased from us before, and its common sense that people who know us, like us, and trust us are easier to sell too.


Grow and nurture your subscriber lists with Messenger Chatbots


Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce strategies


We need to be nurturing our audiences, and platforms like Facebook Messenger allow businesses to now grow their subscriber lists, create message sequences, and interact with our fans.

This is the best way to stay in touch, update people on new stock, share behind the scenes footage, up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell and provide shipping tracking details and more.

Oh, you can also encourage people to leave reviews, and reward users with coupons and offers to drive sales even more.

All this from the Facebook Messenger Platform, with the use of Chatbot Marketing.

There is a huge opportunity to engage, connect and move people through sales funnels using Facebook Messenger chatbots marketing.

Why rely just on emails when the average open rate is under 30%?

How to use chatbots for marketing


If you want to start chatbot marketing, I would suggest looking into ManyChat  or  Mobile Monkey,

I’ve personally only used Manychat, but it was easy to set up and use, and when you get stuck you can always reach out to our chatbot expert here at Black Sheep Cyber.

Affordable, easy, and worth the investment.

You can set up an about section, connect your catalogue to the bot, allow people to book services, see contact information, as well as run games, quizzes, and much much more.


Keep chatbot marketing personable and engaging, don’t be boring

As you can see below, the brand prAna has a chatbot and they keep the tone friendly and personable.

They show their catalogue of products to users and allow users to browse through and shop for what they want while staying on the Facebook/ Messenger platform.



Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce


Stay top of mind with chatbots & have instant access to your subscribers 

As business owners we sometimes need to put aside personal prejudice and even laziness, and simply set up campaigns as well as a presence, on the platform that our ideal audiences use the most.

And 7 out of 10 people use Facebook Messenger today.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that not many eCommerce brands are using Facebook Chat Bot Marketing, how often do you get messages from brands via messenger? Not often.

I know that Fashionovva and I think Gym Shark have sent me Facebook Messenger Messages, but it’s still a rare thing to see brands with consistent chatbot marketing campaigns in place.

Take advantage of this.


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Grow your subscriber lists on other platforms, don’t just rely on email alone


ecommerce chatbot marketing agency


You could be growing your audience lists, sending your users new stock updates, tips, behind the scenes videos, demos, offers, product alerts, behind the scenes updates,

as well as recommendations based on last purchase history and more.

Don’ty just rely on email and out all yoru eggs in one basket, what’s yoru cobversion rate now?

You could double it by integrating Facebook Messenger chatboot marketing into your eCommerce marketing mix.

That instant messaging alert, the interactive playful experience that you can create in your messenger journeys,

Can you imagine the instant messaging opportunities available for you to take advantage of here?



Don’t just rely on boring email, yes email is great and people say it’s the most valuable list we’ll ever have, but guess what?

My gmail business account was down the other day, did I have access to my email list?  Was I able to email my subscribers?  No.

Trust no platform or service and don’t leave all your eggs in one basket.

Use Facebook Chat bot Marketing as well as Email marketing for a double whammy effect and engage with users on the platforms that they use the most in the most relevant of ways.


Sell through Facebook Messenger chatbots, provide tracking & increase brand loyalty


Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce


Facebook Messenger has introduced the ability to purchase products directly through the app, which is an excellent opportunity for eCommerce brands to increase sales.

You can provide answers to questions, suggest products, showcase your catalog of products, and allow people to make purchases.

You even even offer tracking to customers, and with some smart automation link your bot with your email provider and send users updates.The opportunities are endless, and below are just a few ways your business can use Facebook Messenger Bots.

Now consumers can watch videos, play games, connect with companies, make payments, send money, and more, all without ever leaving the Messenger app.


Benefits of Facebook Chatbot Marketing for eCommerce


facebook chatbot marketing benefits


  • Run Facebook Ad campaigns and choose the ‘Message “ call to action to drive people to attract people into your bot’s subscribers list. Set up message sequences, connect, engage and sell to users
  • Segment your audience lists and show users new stock updates based on previous purchases. Up-sell, cross-sell and Down-sell based on value
  • Automate and set up shipping notification alerts via Chat-bots.
  • Train the bots to answer common questions ” FAQs” that your audience usually asks
  • Segment your lists based on interests and demographics, and then provide value. Provide tips, tricks, as well as share stories.. Include soft call to actions that can users to products that you sell.
  • Showcase your products via your bot and sell via the Chatbot.H&M offer this with their Kik bot.
  • Allow people to track their orders by using API’s provided by your courier service or link users to a tracking website page which would be a more simple solution.
  •  Re-target your Messenger subscribers through Facebook ads. You can re-target abandoned cart shoppers on Messenger. This can be useful if you don’t have a users email address, and work wonders in conjunction with emails also.
  •  Set up Re-engagement campaigns to increase CLTV, engage, connect and encourage repeat sales. Don’t neglect previous customers.
  • Run quizzes that help you segment your subscribers list based on the data that you collect. You can tag people on Many-chat, and with that information, send targeted and personalized messages, product recommendations and offers.
  • Import your subscriber lists to email, email users as well
  • Launch behind the scenes videos and grow a cult following for your brand, increase customer engagement and loyalty by giving people a glimpse into the back- end of your business



Facebook Messenger Chatbot marketing is welcomed by customers


ecommerce brand awareness strategies


Chat Bots Provide Instant Gratification And Improved User Experience

  • 1 in 5 consumers would consider purchasing goods and services from chat-bots.
  • 40% of consumers want offers and deals from chatbots.
  • Consumers are willing to spend more than $400 on average through chat-bots.
  • Chatbots provide instant gratification as they respond immediately, and it beats having to wait 24 hours for a response from a human.


Have you implemented Facebook Messenger Chat-Bot Marketing into your eCommerce marketing mix yet?

Facebook is here to stay, the platform is only evolving more and apps are only on the rise.

People use instant messaging apps daily.

As a business, we want to be communicating with people on the platforms that they use the most.

Email has low open rates, do why not increase your open rates by using Facebook Messenger marketing in conjunction with your other marketing channels?

Increase your visibility, increase sales, and engage better with users.


What do you think of facebook Chatbot Marketing?


What do you think of Facebook Messenger Marketing, and have you run paid campaigns attracting traffic back to your Facebook chatbot yet?

Have you been growing your subscriber list on the facebook messenger platform yet?

Share your thoughts, comment and share


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Authors Final Thoughts

I believe in Facebook chatbot marketing, as a busines owner it can be time consuming to juggle all the various aspects of business

But if you can afford an experienced marketing VA to set up and manage your bots, or if you have the time, its definately worth it.

Its a fantastic way to keep in touch with your audience, sell in the back-end and create a real tribe for your brand.

If you need help getting set up, simply get in touch and schedule in for a discovery call today 


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