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How Solid Is Your eCommerce Retargeting Strategy?




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How solid is your eCommerce retargeting strategy?

Today we have a discussion about retargeting, the capabilities of retargeting on social media and online in 2020-2021 and the benefits of retargeting.

In particuilar we are going to briefly talk about retargeting with social media marketing, although keep in mind that you can retarget with Google Ads as well.

What is retargeting?


what is retargeting


Retargeting refers to when a busines retargets users online.

The you cahnretarget people who have visited your website previously as well as those who may have interacted with your online Ads and content online.

There are various types of retargeting available, and these day’s you are able to ethically follow people around on the internet and show them your ads in order to stay top of mind or simply try convert them into a sale.

Why use retargeting Ads?


Facebook retargeting for ecommerce


Not every user is ready to purchase the first time they come across your brand or one of your Ads online.

There is a statistic out there that says people need to interact with your brand at least 7 times before they make a purchase.

Statistics and theories aside, we simply want to use retargeting in order to re-engage with people and show them our product and services again, to see if they are interested.

Retargeting campaigns increase profits by up to 30%  and with eCommerce shopping cart abandonment rates sitting at around 70%, having a retargeting campaign in place is a smart move.

Example of retargeting campaigns that are possible with social media platforms

There are many things you can do with retargeting these days, a variety of options that can help your business increase sales and profits.

Retargeting campaigns increase profits by up to 30%, customers are not always ready to buy on the first point of contact with your business and with shopping cart abandonment rates sitting at around 70%, you need to have a solid re-engagement and retargeting campaigns in place if you want to have a sucessful online business these days.

Find out more about re-engagement campaigns for eCommerce here, and if you’re not an eCommerce business, re-engagement strategies stilll need to be part of your marketing mix.


Example of abandoned shoppingg cart retargeting campaign on Facebook


facebook retargeting for ecommerce

Retargeting is also known as remarketing, so don’t get confused.

An example of a retargeting campaign to reach users who abandoned their shopping carts is below.

We would want to set up a dynamic ads campaign that shows users what items they abandoned in their shopping cart, and we want this campaign displaying to them on days 1-4.

If after days 1-4 they still have not made a purchase, we may we them to see a retargeting ad that shows them 20% off shipping if they order now.

If that still didn’t work, between days 4-7, we might want to display our third type of creative which shows them a buy 2 get 1 free offer between days 7-14.

Depending on your product or service, you customize the campaigns and stop displaying the campaigns.

With this kind of a strategy you have more ad variations running and you are stepping it up a notch incase our original retargeting creative didn’t work.

You can create whatever types of ad creatives you want,

you don’t need to do any offers if you don’t want too, but just keep in mind, that we need different creatives and offers that drive users to take action.

What provokes you to take action doesn’t always provoke me to tale action.

​You can get as creative as you want, but just don’t get too comfortable with having one ad creative running for your retargeting, and presum

A few things you can do with retargeting campaigns on social media 

  • Retarget bounced website visitors.
  • Retarget users who visited certain product and service pages.
  • Retarget abandoned shopping cart users and get them to come back and complete purchases.
  • Rteraget previous customers with custom campaigns.
  • Retarget those who interacted with your social media ads but did not convert or opt in.

We can also set up retargeting campaigns via chatbots, so if you have been smart enough to grow your chatbot subscriber lists, we can send messenger messages to those who abandoned their shopping carts, and get 80% open rates.

Example of running Re-Engagement campaigns and retargeting users via social media


examples of retargeting on social media

Re-engagement is extrelemly important, we want to consistently touch base with previous customers and stay top of mind. We can do this with the retargeting capabilities that we have at our disposal these days.

We can set up a retargeting campaign to target customers who haven’t made a purchase in 6 months.

We would segment your CRM and create campaigns specifically geared towards a certain segment of your CRM/ customer base whi purchased something 6+ months or longer and haven’t been back since.

We then think of a catch creative and offer and run the campaign on social to encourage them to come back and make another purchase.

A coupon code, a thankyou offer, something to make them feel exclusive and special.

You could even get a little more personal than that, check out the marketing segmentation article for more ideas.

Retargeting should be a critical part of any eCommerce marketing strategy


retargeting for ecommerce

If your a business owner, you should be investing in retargeting campaigns.

Show ads to users based on the stage of the buyers journey that they are in, keep it relevant, and interesting.

Segmentation is very important when running retargeting campaigns, and any professional eCommerce marketing agency would know how to run proper retargeting campaigns that are relevanty and make sense to a end user.

Authors Final Thoughts

  • What is your current retargeting strategy?
  • How do you retarget all the various types of audiences that you have? Do you have a strategy in place to retarget abandoned shoppers, those who havent made a purchase in 6+ months, certain people who’ve previously purhcased certain products?

You don’t just rely on a monthly newsletter to stay top of mind do you?

You have technology available that allows you to stay top of mind with users on the platforms that they spend most of their time, take advantage of that.

So many e-Commerce brands and businesses that I audit, have no strategic retargeting strategy set up, they are missing out on a lot of sales opportunities.”

We don’t just post one retargeting campaign and hope for the best, we create a variety of Ads and show them to a variety of users based on what interaction they’ve had with our brand and according to our business goals.


Ready to discuss how you can increase your sales and profits?


retargeting ads with social media


Get in touch and let’s have a strategy call. I will answer any questions that you have, as well as show you any strategies that you need to take advantage of.

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