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How Solid is Your Re-engagement Marketing Strategy?


reengagement marketing strategies for ecommerce


How many of you know what a re-engagement strategy is? How many of you actually have a solid re-engagement marketing strategy in place?

As an eCommerce marketing agency most of the businesses that we come across, neglect proper re-engagement strategies, and it’s costing them sales and profits.

Today we are going to discuss how a re-engagement strategy when combined into any ecommerce marketing strategy can increase your sales, profits and brand loyalty.

It’s the key to long term success in any business, and we show you how.

Smart eCommerce businesses invest in re-engagement strategies

You’d be a smart business owner if you were currently running re-engagement strategies across social media, email, chatbots and text. Do you now how many businesses havent even heard of re-engagement or dont have any re-engagement strategies in place? Many.


What is re-enagagement in marketing?

Re-engagement simply means ” re-engaging and connecting with customers again”.

As opposed to selling items or services, and never following up with a customer again.


Benefits of re-engagement marketing for business

Re-engagement strategies allow you to stay top of mind with customers, as well as form relationships and give people a reason to remember you, recommend you, as well as come back to you to make additional purchases.

Re-engagement allows you to maximise profits, keep customers around for longer, create a tribe, make customers remember you and recommend you to othwers.

There are many reasons why re-engaging with your customers is key, and it doesn’y matter whether you’re in ecommerce or another industry.

Stay in touch with all subscribers and customers.

Imagine making every customer feel VIP

reengagement marketing strategies for ecommerce

Can you remember a time that a particular store or business actually remembered your name, the last conversation that they had with you, and was able to recommend and suggest solutions that actually put a smile on your face or made your life just a little bit better?

Can you remember appreciating the friendly, personal and cared for feeling?

As opposed to just beingb another number?

How about all the times you’ve purchased something from somewhere, wanted more later down the track, but forgotten who and where you purchased from…

Imagine they had kept in touch via email, chatbots or text.

Because they never kept in touch and organised no way to stay top of mind, you’re now forced to go elsewhere, beacuse you dont know who you purchased from last.

This is exactly why re-engagement matters, and if we can create that special feeling of making our customers no matter how big or small, feel special; we are able to have them coming back for more.

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Online marketing re-engagement checklist 101

re-engagement marketing strategies for ecommerce


Below are just a few suggestions that you could be implementing in order tpo make sure your eCommerce re-engagement strategy is on point.

Even if your a service based business, these re-engagement principles and strategies are important. Have a look, gain some inspiration, and evaluate whether your eCommerce marketing strategy needs some optimisation.


  1. Are you collecting emails and phone numbers of customers and opting them into your marketing lists post purchase?
  2. Do you have re-engagement campaigns that automatically get sent out to users if they havent made a purchase after a certain set period of time?
  3. What happens post purchase? Do you have special coupons that go out to thank customers and have them coming back for more? What kind of personal yet automated touch do you have in place to make a customer feel appreciated and to remember you?
  4. Do you have any sales ascension strategies in place? Any opportunity for upsells, crosssells, or downsells? Is it based on what the customer purchased last? How can you improve a users life, do you hav relevant products and services that you can provide or send out as part of a drip campaign?
  5. Have news letters in place for your business that actually offer incentives and make a user want to stay subscribed?
  6. Running social media marketing ads and displaying re-engagement campaigns that show to certain segments of your audience, in order to drive traffic back to your site? You want to be where your customers are, so try email + social.
  7. Have chatbots in place? If you have incentives or strategies for customers to join your subscriber lists, you could jmaintain contact with subscribers for virtually free. People love Chat-bots, they are instant, fun and interactive.


They were just a few ways to stay top of mind as well as re-engage with customers across various platforms, and for various reasons.

You can increase brand loyalty and profits by caring about your post purchase re-engagement strategies.

You should care.


So many businesses focus on new client acquisition campaigns, but there money is repeat clientelle


increase customer lifetime value


Also known as A” Customer Lifetime Value”. having strategies to improve retention rates and have customers staying for longer and coming back more often, that really be beneficial.

You’ll could spend less money on customer acquisition paid campaigns and you would maximise how much one acquired lead/customer spends within your business

Dont just rely on new customer acquisition campaings in order to generate a new flow of customers and sales, maintain what you already have as well.

Invest back into your already pre-existing cxustomer lists and customer base, nurture them and appreciate them.

If you dont have a large customer subscriber list for some reason, start today.

Start collecting data, offering interesting offers and incentives for peoplw to opt in.

The money is in your lists, and you need to see your lists as ” human beings”.

The more you get to know your customers and subscribers, the more value you can provide them.


 I made the biggest mistake of never nurturing my customer base.I would get one sale, and have no system in place to stay top of mind with the customer after the first transaction.I would just assume that they would come back…People get busy, life gets in the way. As business owners we need to have strategies in place to stay top of mind, and make it easy for people to come back for more.


Example of a re-engagement post purchase strategy in place

Did a user purchase spray tan last?

Great,This time run an email marketing campaign, as well as a social media marketing campaign, that targets these users, and shows them a package specifically for them..Show them the latest spray tan product that you have in stock,create a package that includes spray tan, a mitten that can tan their hard to reach areas, as well as a spray tan remover solution.Create a 7 days sale, create a sense of scarcity and provide value at the same time!Up-sell to your existing audience base and stay top of mind.You have now created a campaign that is personalised, based on a user’s last interaction with your business, and you have created some value and launched the campaign across multiple channels.

Example of  a re-engagement and a simple sales ascension strategy in place

Did a customer buy wax strips last? Send an email offering hot wax tub and 1000 pieces of cloth strips next. It will bsave them money long term and allow them to up theri waxing game.

Did they buy the second hot wax bundle? Okay, offer them waxing accessories for the eyebrow and delicate facial &  body areas next.

Simply find ways to provide value and provide solutions to problems they may not even have known they had.


What are your thoughts on re-engagement strategies?

ecommerce marketing tips

Have you run your own re-engagement strategies before? If so, what type and how well did they perform?

Share your thoughts as we would love to hear from you below.;

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Author’s final thoughts

Re-engagement strategies like everytung else can be very time consuming, bbut its an important part of business.

Take a weekend off to organise your CRM’s and business practices, and make soon for data collection, segmentation, and re-engagement strategies.

Figure out how you want to re-engage with users, on what platforms, and whether your going to implement paid marketing into the equation?

I would suggest a mix of organic re-engagement outreach as well as paid.

Not everyone check’s their email, but most people do log onto Facebook & Instagram, and as a business owner, I’d want to try both channels in order to increase the ROI on my engagement efforts.

Get in touch with us and schedule in for a discovery call if you are an established eCommerce brand that wants help with taking business to the next level


Schedule in for a call now let’s analysis where the gaps in your current marketing strategy are

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