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How Facebook Ads for eCommerce Can Boost Your Brand Awareness & Sales


Today we discuss how how Facebook Ads for eCommerce can boost Your brand awareness & sales and run you threw a few essentials.

Facebook is an absolute powerhouse, like it or hate it, they have been collecting data on everyone, and integrate with so many apps and so many sites.

Most of this data is available for us to tap into and use when launching Facebook Ads and while tapping into the Facebook Network.Ready to learn?

Facebook marketing for eCommerce is an integral part of any eCommerce marketing mix, and today we are going to explain why.

Let’s GO


Why Use Facebook Ads For Ecommerce?


How to advertise with Facebook for eCommerce


Facebook has become one of the world’s most favorite social media platforms, having around 2.07 billion daily active users.

On average people spend 20 minutes on Facebook per session that they are logged in, and people log in several times a day.

Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploadedFacebook is now the 4th most valuable brand in the world with a value of $94.8bn

Facebook now owns Instagram, Whats App and Oculas and continues to evolve and grow even further..Social Media does have the attention of the masses, and you need to have a presence on the platforms that your ideal audiences use the most.

Even though the Facebook market place is crowded, your potential audiences are still on Facebook, and most likely, so is your competition.

Facebook marketing for eCommerce is here to stay 

Facebook is here to stay, unless something revolutionary happens, it ain’t going no where, so take advantage of it.

When we talk about Facebook, we don’t just mean ” advertising on facebook alone”, we are referring to the facebook audience network which includes thousands of apps, site and also

platforms such as Instagram and messenger too.


What is the Facebook Audience Network?

Facebook Audience Network is an off-Facebook, in-app advertising network for mobile apps.

Audience Network lets you extend your ad campaigns beyond Facebook to reach your audiences on mobile apps, mobile websites, Instant Articles, and videos.” Essentially, the Audience Network is a display ad network run by Facebook.

Pretty cool ha?

Your brand could for example be advertising within the “ Kylie Jenner app “ and other available platforms and sites that allows Facebook Audience network to advertise within…


Facebook Ads will increase your brand awareness & reach 


Facebook advertising ecommerce strategy

As an e-Commerce brand or business in general,  you need more brand awareness and more traffic coming to your site.

Facebook advertising allows you to reach thousands upon thousands, or even milliions of people * depending on your budget*

Never before have we had the targeting capabilities that we have now, and any business that can afford ads, and is willing to invest in order to achieve a great return on investment,

should invest in facebook ads.


Want to sell pink  yoga mats?

Show your ads to only women between the ages of 18-40, from a certain city, who have an interest in unicorns as well? You can.

Want to target people who can afford luxury goods, who travel often, who like certain pages and brands, and who have kids and also like dogs?

You can do that too.

You can hyper target, and that’s just some of the powers of Facebook that you can use to your advantage to scale your eCommerce sales.

How facebook retargeting works


How to advertise with Facebook for eCommerce retargeting campaigns


You can do crazy things with Facebook ads retargeting these days.

Have you ever checked out a product such as “shoes” online, and then noticed that all of a sudden your seeing ads for shoes everywhere?

Well these brands and stores are all using display ads and Facebook ads to show their products to users who have visited their site, and bounced away.

Even if someone hasn’t been on your site, your ads can display to them if they have been searching for something similar.

A specific example of retargeting via Facebook ads is this:

Bob visits your site, checks out some products, adds them to the cart, then notices you charge too much for shipping, and leaves.

Now, if you had set up Facebook retargeting ads, the items that he abandoned in his shopping cart would appear to him the moment he jumps on Facebook.

If you were smart, you would have set up various ad campaigns, to keep showing Bob various ads until he gives in, and comes back and makes a purchase.Where could Bob see Our Ecommerce Ads?

How to Ethically Stalk Bob Online with Facebook Ads


how facebook retargeting works


If we know Bob visited our website yesterdsay yet opurchased bnothing and ran away, we could magically have our ads appear to him the next time he jumped on Facebook.

We do this by installing the facebook pixel code on our site, and setting us custom rules that allow us to see what Bob was doing on our site, what products he was checking out, and whether

or not he added anything to the shopping cart before he decided to leave.

Now we could automatically have some dynamic ads displaying to Bob, showing him the latest products he was looking at, as well as show him a 20% coupon code if he comes back

to complete his purchase.

Where ever Bob goes, we can follow him around, like a shadow.

Oh, and don’t worry, we can decide when to stop showing our ad’s to Bob, since we dont want come come across creepy, or waste our ad budget once Bob decides to submit and make

a purchase.

Banter aside, you can see how useful retargeting can be.

Depending on the type of eCommerce brand or business you have, you should consider advertising on various social media platforms, including Facebook & Instagram.

Oh, you can also sell your eCommerce products using Facebook Messenger as well as grow huge subscriber lists, and tap into the awesome Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing options.

With open rates as high as 90% you’d want to look into it if you haven’t already.


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What’s Facebook Chat Bot Marketing?

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know.

You know Facebook Messenger?

That messaging app owned by Facebook that you use to message your Facebook friends?

Well that’s what we are referring to here, Facebook Messenger Chat-bot Marketing.

Facebook allows you to use certain platforms like ManyChat to set up bots as well as run advertising campaigns that direct people back to your Facebook business page and messenger bot.

You can use messenger to attract subscribers, engage fans, and stay in touch for virtually free if you wanted too

The power is in your subscriber lists, and your can collect  as much data as you want on your subscribers,

things like preferences, emails, phone numbers, location, and more and use it to better engage, provide more value and increasde profits

Find out more about Facebook Messenger Chat-bot Marketing for Ecommerce here



Facebook Ads for Ecommerce bare minimum checklist


facebook ads for ecommerce examples


Are you running the following types of Ads on Facebook? If not, your leaving money on the table and missing out on potential sales opportunities.

There is a lot more you can do with Facebook advertising but here are a few questions to ask yourself.


  • Do you currently have brand awareness campaigns running on Facebook and Instagram to attract new customers?
  • Are you running re-targeting campaigns to re-target people who abandoned their shopping carts and bounced off your website?
  • Do you have ad sequences set up to convert people at different stages of the buyers journey?
  • Do you run re-engagement campaigns that re-engage previous customers and encourage repeat sales?
  • Have a sales ascension strategy to ups-sell, cross-sell and down-sell and increase revenue on auto?
  • Are you tapping into your subscriber lists to create segmented multi channel marketing campaigns that increase sales and customer loyalty?

Facebook advertising will increase your sales even further when done right

Facebook advertising for ecommerce tips

If you answered no to any of the questions above, you should re-evaluate your current Facebook ads strategy or siimply schedule in for strategy call with our

team at Black Sheep Cyber.

We are a eCommerce social media marketing agency that specialise in paid ads, and we can help come up with a startegy that works for your business.

We’ll analyse your brand and let you know what type of campaigns and platforms you should be advertising on and create a ecommerce marketing strategy that works.

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Aurthors Final Thoughts

Facebook ads is the way to go if you have some budget.

First month should be dedicated just to testing, although some people get results right away, it can’t be promised.

If you want some honest advice and strategy get in touch by scheduling in for a discovery call.

We can have a look at what youre currently doing and give you some feedback or strategy based on what your goals are.

Schedule in now by clicking here 


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