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e-Commerce Brand Awareness Strategies to Help your e-Commerce Brand Explode


ecommerce marketing strategies that help increase brand awareness


What is your e-Commerce brand or business doing for brand awareness? Are you launching strategic campaigns on multiple channels and social media platforms for

maximum brand exposure?

Or is your business not as discoverable as it can be, and making it harder for people to forget about?

Staying top of mind and re-engaging with previous customers, whilst setting up a stream of new customers coming in is key to keep your e-Commerce business successful.

“The active number of global mobile social media users is 3.3 billion global equaling 42% penetration”

And that’s not even to mention the people who use Google and Bing

Today we discuss a few ways you can increase brand awareness for your business.


#1 Social Media Marketing Campains to Increase Brand Awareness for e-Commerce Brands 


eCommerce social media marketing campaigns for brand awareness


Are you like many e-Commerce brands and business owners who rely on just one or two channels and launch inconsistent campaigns or boosted posts from time to time?

Boosted posts are the devil, and you are limiting you’re hyper targeting reach.

What is your e-commerce business doing to re-engage with previous customers and increase repeat sales and loyalty?

Are you running retargeting campaigns on the social media platforms to reach all those bounced website visitors and abandoned shopping cart users?

90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users.

Think your customers are not on social media? Think again.

#2 Marketing Your e-Commerce Brand on Multiple Channels & Platforms


ecommerce brand awareness strategies


Every e-Commerce brand and business needs to be marketing their business on the most relevant platforms.

This means finding the platforms that have your target audience on there. and launching campaigns to engage and attract users.

Your business needs to be smart and strategic and not neglect other marketing channels, such as email marketing and chat bots.

One of the most valuable things that you have, is your customer lists.

You should be growing, segmenting and nurturing your subscriber lists, and not only via email.

Segmentation and personalisation and then engaging on multiple channels such as email, chatbots and platforms like social media is the way.


#3 Increase e-Commerce Sales with Facebook Messenger Chatbots 


Facebook chatbot marketing for ecommerce

Chatbots are the next big thing, and setting up a Facebook Messenger chatbots is a great idea for your e-Commerce brand or business.

In one day, this brand generated 254 orders and $23,987.64 in revenue with Facebook Messenger.

Why not make sales through your Facebook messenger chatbot?

Facebook has a patent that allows users to pay for products through Messenger.

We set up chatbots for e-Commerce clients that want to start selling and engaging with customers on the most popular platform, ” Facebook”.

Setting up sequences to warm up leads and take them on a buyers journey, as well as engage, entertain and provide value to your subscriber lists is key.

Messenger open rates are over 80%, email is less than 30% on average.

Take advantage of the latest technology that provides better user experience, and is not going away anytime soon.

“Most people access Facebook around eight times each day.”

Launching campaigns on the Facebook platform to increase your brand awareness, and grow your subscriber lists, then setting up systems to sell in the back-end is key.

Why only rely on new customer acquisition campaigns when you can sell again and again to your existing subscriber lists?

​Check out this article on Facebook chatbot marketing for eCommerce.


#4 Team up with other businesses


Why not team up with other businesses who share similar audiences to the ones you want to target? reach out and set up some sort of afffiliate marketing deal. Get them to do a mass mail out to their audiences, or perhaps a few cool social media marketing campaigns that expose their audience to your products also, at a discounted coupon only rate?

The world is your oyster, you just need to get creative and take action.

#5 Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube & Chatbots for eCommerce



Spearmint LOVE, an eco-friendly children’s clothing company, saw a 25% increase in traffic and an 8% increase in revenue after using Instagram’s shop-able posts.

Each platform that’s available to us this day, has unique feautures that we can use to our benefit.

I see so many e-Commerce brands that don’t use the product tag feature when posting images of their products to instagram.

I see so many brands not taking advantage of the Instagram creators feature that allows approved influencers to tag a brands product on there end.

This allows people to see not only the image of your product, but also the price, and checkout to your website if they wish.

So many businesses could take advantage of YouTube ads for brand awareness, yet they don’t.

TikTok has some awesome opportunities for TikTok influencer mareketing and brand awareness that business owners could also take advantage of.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots are ideal for staying in touch with customers, providing speedy answers, as well as shipping and tracking information to customers.

Text messaging is an awesome way to send coupons and incentives to customers and also be guaranteed of high open rates.

There are a variety of ways you can increase your brand awareness and stay top of mind, and diversify that marketing mix that you have.


#6 Invest in eCommerce Seo


How optimised is your site? eCommerce seo helps you products become visable in the search engines. I would suggest having your products optimised so that they appear i the Google shopping search results also.

Consumers are time poor and sometimes lazy, they want to search for products and most often they prefer to click on the Google shopping search results to find what they are looking for

based on images, title and price alone.

Google shopping and SEO is an investment that any serious business owner should look into.

Brand Awareness Goes further than Just New Customer Acquisition Campaigns


ecommerce brand awareness


It’s not all about new customer acquisition.

Your e-Commerce marketing strategy should be about attracting new audiences but also having strategies in place to nurture your existing customers as well.

“Who remembers a business that does nothing to stay of mind?”

Not everyone is ready to buy, or buy again..

Your brand needs to stay top of mind, engage and entice audiences and be there at the right time making it easy for them to buy, when they are ready.

When your brand truly provides great customer service, great products, and is top of mind, you decrease your chances of being forgotten about and replaced for another brand.

Black Sheep Cyber eCommerce Marketing Agency can help you scale 

At Black Sheep Cyber we do more than just launch general social media marketing campaigns…

We care about your profits and how much you make on every order, we look for ways to increase your customer lifetime value.

We look at what strategies you have in place, and always suggest opportunities that your e-Commerce brand should be taking advantage of.

If you want to increase your e-Commerce brand awareness, increase your sales, and really improve your retention rates schedule i for a discovery call now 



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