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6 Ideas to Increase your eCommerce & Info Product Sales

6 ways to increase ecommerce and info product sales

Hello, today we are going to run through a few strategies that help you increase sales and profits for your eCommerce and info product brands.

So have a read and make sure you are implementing these strategies into your business, and get inspired.

If you wanted to schedule in for a strategy call to talk about how we could help you scale your brand awareness, sales and profits further, simply schedule in here.

#1 Add recommended products to the checkout pages

Have you seen what Amazon does? It always shows you other suggested products that suit your current cart selection.

As an ecommerce or info product brand you could create packages or suggestions that go well with certain products, and have these suggested to users.

Another thing that you can do, is show these suggestions upon checkout.

Add recommended product suggestions on the checkout pages.

It is 7 times easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you or is about to buy from you.

Nearly 80% of the sites that we see have no up-sell, cross-sell, value based bundle strategy in place, that’s like flushing money down the train.

Why settle on $69 upon checkout, when you can provide value and increase checkout to $229?

Users want customer service and value, and you can still provide this when selling online, with the correct plugins and softwares.


#2 Use the top of the homepage ” Above the Fold” section strategically 

Every single homepage should have a top of banner section at the top that is used strategically.

In my opinion you should be offering a discount or something for free, something enticing that gets users to take action.

We want the email of users, because we know that collecting the emails of our target audience is key.

This enables us to follow up with them, up-sell them, cross-sell them, and just build relationships and staying top of mind with them.

Your top of banner area and call to action really needs to pop and stand out.

Have a look at your top of banner area, does it clearly communicate a message with someone, or is the text not properly visible, and the call to action button not appealing or big enough to entice someone to take action?

You could be as original as you want to be, you could even have a button that say’s ” DON’T CLICK HERE”.

Be strategic yet keep it fun, and always keep your customer avatar in mind.

What would excite them?

What would they appreciate?

Start there.

Using some small font to say sign up for 5% off isn’t enticing enough these days.Would you sign up for no reason? No.

Think FashionNova, they do email marketing and have the best offer’s constantly!


#3 Set up strategic email sequences and campaigns designed to sell


If you are an info product brand, have certain ad copies, pieces of content, or gated content that actually leads someone into a strategic email sequence.

Think about creating a journey.

Depending on what you are selling and who your target market is, you may need to invest more effort in your email sequences.

For a general sequence start with 7-10 emails where you provide absolute value in every single email, and really delight them and position yourself as authorities in whatever it is that you specialise in and seek to sell.

Perhaps come in with a special offer price, and a count down timer that tells that they have one more chance to purchase at the discounted price, and include some video customer testimonials in the last couple of emails.

Start light but lead to the sales pitch.

Focus on the benefits and features, focus on the psychographics of the customer avatar, and create the type of email sequence that even you would appreciate receiving.

You can make a killing with a great email marketing strategy in place, email marketing can be an alternative revenue stream if you do it right.

#4 Combine your email marketing with Facebook & Instagram Ads

ecommerce brand awareness strategies


Nearly 2.45 billion monthly users on the Facebook platform, your ideal audience is there.

You just need the right copy that strikes a nerve, the type of creative that makes your customer avatar stop scrolling, and sometimes a great offer that makes someone take action.

If you have an email marketing campaign in place, export those users and upload them to Facebook as a custom audience, and run ads to them.

Why just depend on email when you can increase your chances of conversions by having more visibility across multiple platforms.

If you are courageous and your business model supports it, create videos that actually say things like ” Hey, I sent you an email, did you check it?

Marketing should be personal, and allow you to stand out from all the noise.

If you need help running ads simply get in touch with us by scheduling in for a strategy call.

You should at the very least be running retargeting campaigns on social media to target all those bounced website users who came to your site, and left without buying anything. We want to run retargeting campaigns to entice them to come back and buy!
It all depends on the product you are selling, but we could always help you analyse which channels you should be utilising and why.


#5 Retargetting Ads, need we say more?

If you’re not running retargetting ads, you are doing yourself and your business a huge disjustice.

You need to be retargetting the users who came to your site but didnt make a purchase.

You need to be retargeting the users who visited certain pages, but perhaps didn’t schedule in or buy.

You should be running re-engagement campaigns via paid ads and showing special offers and VIP offers to those who haven’t purchased in the last 6 months…

The possibilities to retarget and stay in touch with users via Facebook & Instagram is unbelievable, and retargetting campaigns are a lot cheaper than trying to target and convert cold traffic.


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#6 Run product demontrations, Un-boxing & Customer testimonial videos

People are sick of the same old ads, get creative.

Involve user generated content, influencer generated content and brand stories that you guys create, to capture the attention of users scrolling down their news feeds.

This is a great strategy for paid ads, and a better way to help your brand stand out, gain the trust of users who might be interested in your products and digital goods.

After all, people are visual and love to see a good unboxing video, or a heart felt brand story which demonstrates why you got into business, as well as a smeaky behind the scenes.

Customer testimonials also work well, work of mouth is everything, and if anyone has been sitting on the fence thinking about buying your products, well this is a good way to minimise risk for them, and increase your sales.


Final thoughts

I hope these few tips helped, and if you have any great ideas that you would like to share, comment below.

Would love to know who’s reading the blogs and interact.



If you need some strategy and are ready to scale your ecommerce or info product brand to the next level, you can schedule in for a discovery call now 



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