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About us

Analysis &

First, we sit down and talk about
your brand, your products,
your audience and current
marketing strategies that are
in place.

Then we formulate an
eCommerce marketing strategy
that’s right for your brand
based on data as well as our
experience working with dozens
upon dozens of other brands.

Paid Ads &
UX/UI Design.

Then we look at your site, and look for ways to improve conversion and user experience. Then we launch campaigns, and get ready to test & optimize in order to deliver you the best ROI.

We take care of the data, the coding, the design, campaigns and the testing. We let you focus on running your business, while we take care of the tech.


Building empires out of dreams.


What our clients say
about our studio.

CEO of Surf Side

The Team at Black Sheep Cyber Were Professional, Honest and Transparent. They Increased Traffic to My Fitness Site and Boosted Sales 4X Within 2 Months.
Alex Burnman

Co-Founder, Alpha Male Products


Black Sheep Cyber Helped Us Test the Market Before Actually Importing Products at Scale. We Were Able to Test the Market and Confirm the Potential for Our Product and Achieved a 12x Roi in the Process and Sold out All Our Stock. Cheers
George Thomas

TGI Imports

e-Commerce Marketing

We Turned to Black Sheep Cyber When We Needed a Serious Marketing Evaluation. They Helped Us Launch a Funnel, Implement Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Campaigns and We Got a 6x Return on Investment Within the First 3 Months.

Co-Founder, Saffron Girl


Experienced Marketing Professionals.

Everyone in our team has been in the industry for a minimum of 7 Years. We only work with the best, because we personally don’t have time to waste on mistakes. As a specialist eCommerce marketing agency, we take pride in delivering specialist results.

Working hours
were spent

What's our story?

At Black Sheep Cyber we believe in collaboration and teamwork.

Dreams don’t work unless you have the right teams, the right systems, and processes in place.

We’ve teamed up with experts within each field in order to be able to deliver expert eCommerce marketing services. We focus on increasing your return on ad spend, improving your click through rates, and increasing your average order value upon checkout.

We work with our clients to build sales funnels, we implement value ladders and implement cross-selling, up-selling and retention management strategies to increase your e-Commerce revenues even further.

We are strategic, detail orientated and experienced Facebook & Instagram marketing experts who specifically work with e-Commerce brands we believe in.


Our team.

Letisha Malakooti
Letisha Malakooti

CEO, BSC Media

Letisha is a passionate, honest, and helpful business owner who wants to see people succeed. A perfectionist and an individual who feels the need to do things right.

Nikola Ivanovski
Nikola Ivanovski

Web Developer

Nikola is a creative front-end web developer with experience for over 6+ years in Web Dev & Design. Talented, patient and hard-working.

Rafael Colleta
Rafael Colleta

Facebook Ads Specialist

Rafael has been a Facebook Ads specialist for 7+ years. He is an expert at launching eCommerce campaigns and driving traffic and sales. Friendly, honest, and results orientated.

Nick Chan
Nick Chan

Data Analyst

Nick is a driven tech nerd, and fantastic at analysing data and making it all make sense.
He makes sure winning campaigns scale, and helps us get great ROI.

Adam Barker
Adam Barker

Google Ads Specialist

Adam has been in the Industry for 10+ years. He is an expert Google Ads specialist who has worked at Google and has managed hundreds of accounts. Analytical, diligent and precise.

Gina Ryans
Gina Ryans


Gina is a creative and reliable designer who not only designs websites, but also the material that we need for campaigns.
Talented, consistent and alternative.


Got a project?
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We’re a team of eCommerce specialists who care about delivering ACTUAL results, we specialize in online marketing, we don’t just dabble in it, it’s what we do best.

Schedule in for a discovery call now and let’s have a chat about how we can take your business to the next level. Click the red button to schedule in now.

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